Nobunny First Blood


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Label # 60 GONE CDUPC 600385203722
Street DateSeptember 21st, 2010
Label # 60 GONEUPC 600385203715
Street DateSeptember 21st, 2010
Label # UPC 600385203722
Street DateSeptember 21st, 2010

Hail! Hail! America's favorite loopily leporine rock 'n' roller, Nobunny, is back with a new album, First Blood, and it's his catchiest batch of tunes yet. The melodious masked man kicks it off with "Ain't It a Shame," a bittersweet tale of a rocky romance in which Nobunny's lover has no choice but to endure his frequent indiscretions. He's just that damned charming. "Blow Dumb" is a Velvet-y tribute to all the things that make life worth livin'--"smokin' Copenhagen," make-out sessions and "burger breaks." In fact, First Blood never overstays its welcome and lasts about as long as a particularly adventurous mid-party burger run.  "(Do the) Fuck Yourself" immediately jumps to the top of the list of onanistic rock songs along with the Who's "Pictures of Lily," Devo's "Praying Hands" and the Gizmos' "Pumpin' to Playboy." Have fun trying not to sing this infectious little number in inappropriate situations. Sure, we all know that Nobunny can deliver a raunchy, good-times number like no one else, but can our floppy-eared fop get sophisticated? Let the contemplative vibe and beautiful strings on "Breathe" answer that. "Live It Up" is the most optimistic of a collection of upbeat songs. Nobunny is so happy, he makes the 1910 Fruitgum Co. sound like Joy Division. On "I Was On (The Bozo Show)," Nobunny dreamily recalls a moment from his childhood where he actually shared the stage with the late, great clown-god Larry Harmon. In under half an hour, Nobunny goes through every worthy rock 'n' roll subgenre--bubblegum pop, garage, rockabilly and psych--and still beautifully articulates every single human emotion with ease.


  1. #1 Ain't It A Shame
  2. #2 (Do The) Fuck Yourself
  3. #3 Blow Dumb
  4. #4 Gone For Good
  5. #5 Pretty Please Me
  6. #6 Breathe
  7. #7 Live It Up
  8. #8 Motorhead With Me
  9. #9 Never Been Kissed
  10. #10 Pretty Little Trouble
  11. #11 I Was On (the Bozo Show)
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