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Flying Canyon
CD $12.00

10/03/2006 656605838328 


***Like The Eagles on Robitussin, Flying Canyon present dark, distinct odes to California’s grand landscape in song. Existing in the sunbaked tradition of burnt-out Cosmic Californians like Sky Sunlight Saxon, Skip Spence, Phil Perlman, The Rockets and David Crosby, Flying Canyon perform minimalist folk/country/rock slowed to a funeral crawl. Helmed by Cayce Lindner (himself the sonic heir to Kristofferson’s throne), the songs of FC are wrapped in distant canyon reverb with booming fuzz bass & heavy percussion underneath. Lindner, with a trilling delivery of the Neil Young/Jerry Garcia axis, weaves mournful tales of eternal love and despair. Flying Canyon's self-titled debut is the sound of a warped CSN&Y cassette playing on a boombox deep in a ravine somewhere (in California). Backing Lindner in Flying Canyon are Shayde Sartin (KELLEY STOLTZ, SKYGREEN LEOPARDS) and Jewelled Antler's Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, THUJA, IVYTREE).

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