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Destroy All Music Revisited

Flying Luttenbachers

Destroy All Music Revisited

Skin Graft
CD $13.75

04/16/2007 647216608523 

GR 85 CD 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Skin Graft Records proudly presents DxAxMx Revisited, a fully remastered, extended edition of THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS’ landmark 1995 album, Destroy All Music. This special edition includes notorious drummer/multi-instrumentalist WEASEL WALTER and renowned jazz saxophonist KEN VANDERMARK, the innovative punk-jazz ensemble that first garnered the band widespread acclaim. Here the band is captured at the height of the internal struggles that would soon dissolve the quintet lineup. The end result is an unforgettable experience, a document of the most extreme energy level the lineup ever mustered on record. In addition to the ten tracks featured on the original release, this comprehensive edition includes seven never-before-heard vintage recordings, all painstakingly remastered by bandleader Weasel Walter. Destroy All Music Revisited is 80 minutes of wild, unhinged cacophony, fusing fiery free jazz improvisation with modern post-punk/noise-rock structures. This is an integral part of Chicago's underground musical heritage, a milestone in adventurous jazz, and a key component of the neo-no wave movement.