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Four Thing
LP $21.75

11/04/2016 019962208522 

FTR 290 LP 

***"Zach Phillips, most logically of this and that and OSR Tapes, but what is logic when you need a break: more dumb programming. Programming language. I am his friend. We've worked. But I am from the same yellow margin, the same 'Experienced' Easter basket, the same New England experiment drifting lift and lateral: I'm either the same kind of somebody or the same kind of no, not. So I guess that cancels out? Just joking. This is an opera, an opera based on a made-up game. Four weird librettists, four weird singers, some unholy chug of gem crashes in the popping by below. Otherwise known as holy light. Light light: where is the whip-crack bang-severity of cold gallery at the border of arty forms? Not here: we're pushing and gushing but we're underlion worn and funny. Satori at the frozen waterfall O.K., but we like these ones that move." --Chris Weisman, Brattleboro 2016. Four groups of four songs with words by: Jeremy Daly, Quentin Moore, Hanna Novak, and Christina Schneider. As sung by: Becca Kauffman, Ben Russell, Sami Stevens, andColin White. With music, direction, and recording by Zach Phillips. Mastered byCarl Saff. Album design by Sarah Smith. Edition of 500.

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