Funerary Call Fragments From The Aethyr


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Label # CBR 100UPC 655035010625
Street DateJuly 17th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035010625
Street DateJuly 17th, 2012

The grand master of black ambience returns with this new missive from beyond the chthonic depths—extended descents into jet-black drift, funereal chamber music, monstrous metallic noise, booming ritualistic percussion, slit-throat recitations of formless horror and further abyssal abominations.  Fragments From the Aethyr presents a triptych of long, sprawling pieces that descend through dark layers of cinematic sonic horror. Violin-led passages of pitch-black, dissonant chamber music are backed by booming kettledrums, traces of modern music composition and the rotting exhalations of the dead; blasts of crushing, shapeless doom thunder in the deep, sending tremors of doom-laden drone-metal rumbling through the strata of Funerary Call’s demonic industrial nightmares. The sound of Fragments sometimes resembles a Bela Bartok piece drifting through a fog of black-mass ambience and the murmurings of the long dead, the sound imbued with a deep, ominous feel but also glowing with a mysterious and dark beauty as it builds to a crescendo of black majestic power, as on the nearly twenty-minute centerpiece “Fragments.”


  1. #1 Libation
  2. #2 Fragments
  3. #3 Transference From the Void
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