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Blood Of The Sunworm

Giant Skyflower Band

Blood Of The Sunworm

Soft Abuse
CD $13.50

03/05/2007 656605848228 

SAB 019 CD 

***During a sabbatical from regular duties in THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS, GLENN DONADLSON (never one to rest) dreamt of GIANT SKYFLOWER BAND, an exotic, flowery and crumbling new recording project with nods to fruity new age, psych, prog, folk, and pop songwriting. Donaldson quickly invited multi-instrumentalist SHAYDE SARTIN “smoke marijuana & make up strange pop songs, ” and thus the band was born. With Gong's seminal "Magick Brother" as a starting point and a sitar close at hand, the duo created a dark, peregrine pop transmission from their shoddy analog recording studio in San Francisco. The duo’s debut offering examines in detail the idiom of Bummer Psych; the strain of damaged Anglo-pop music pioneered by Syd Barrett that arguably reached its apex with The Television Personalities’ Painted Word LP in the mid-’80s, but found new life in Japan via the genius of Tori Kudo and like-minded acts such as Nagisa Ni Te and Tenniscoats. Indeed, Blood of the Sunworm consists of depressing pop songs and damaged instrumentals—teeth bared and falling apart as they are cobbled together—on a hazy, cryptic journey through a busted kaleidoscope, behind a dusty mirror & up through the rafters.