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Music enthusiasts may consider Gore, the first book from Black Dice - an extension of their highly visual melange of sound, performance, and art - a fifth album, but it’s something else entirely. The band grew out of the infamous Providence art and noise scene in the late 1990s, and has since drawn acclaim in New York and worldwide. Their longtime friend, photographer Jason Frank Rothenberg, has documented their work for some time. His images, often reworked and collaged by the band to illustrate their tastes and sensibilities, form the foundation of the book. In collaborating on Gore, the band’s creative process parallel its musical one, each member making use of different skills in individual contributions that inform and build on one another. The resulting mix of found images, photographs, collages, and altered documentation explores the full integration of their creative processes and offers a glimpse into daily life in the genesis of their sonic persona. Black Dice is comprised of Aaron Warren and brothers Bjorn and Eric Copeland. Jason Frank Rothenberg is a New York-based photographer whose work is represented by Art + Commerce. Bjorn is represented by Daniel Reich Gallery in New York. PictureBox is a Grammy-award winning visual culture studio and the publishing house behind such titles as The Wilco Book and The Ganzfeld.

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