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05/10/2011 5060243821867 

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***The people and the flowers come out in the spring: Darkbloom is the new release from Montreal based artists GRIMES and D'EON. Like any good flower the album is fragrant, and like any good spring old ways are melted away and brought back in rich fashion. Grimes swirls and sighs glowing pop through a midnight mind; her catchy melodies swoon overtop clear and complex rhythms. D'eon is serious and free, his fancy footwork borrowed from late ‘90s house music (Chicago, Detroit), and hip-hop MPC style snare rolls. The music on both sides is certainly dark and bass heavy as the title would suggest, but a beautiful and crisp high end unifies the production. Grimes and D'eon have developed as muscians, wiser and more focused. It is true blooming and a mindful accomplishment for both up-coming acts. Five tracks.