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LP $11.25


OBR 010 

***Brooklyn’s HECTOR’S PETS make catchy pop songs for deadbeats and derelicts, and have a killer debut LP, Pet-O-Feelia, on Oops Baby Records, with a cassette release to follow on Burger 
Records. These guys have an aesthetic straight out of a comic book for awesome party dudes. Think Hawaiian shirts with leather jackets. Pet-O-Feelia is fuzzy lo-fi garage power-pop gems with non-stop hooks, serious guitars, and ooh-la-la surf-and-beater sports car choruses, expertly mixed by DAVE RAHN. This record is perfect for skipping school and getting stoned in a van in the ‘70s. The sound may be retro, but make no mistake: 2014 is the Year of the Pets.

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