Hollow Sunshine Held Above


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Label # ROBO 109UPC 655035710914
Street DateNovember 12th, 2013
Label # UPC 655035710914
Street DateNovember 12th, 2013

Painting a hypnotic swirl of lush vocals over down-tuned riffs and steady rhythms, Hollow Sunshine’s debut album brings together deep tuning with melodic undertones and a garage recording for a unique mix of warmly familiar elements. The balance of blown-out sludge, narcotic drone and pop sensibilities is an unlikely combination, yet the contrast between heaviness and catchiness, with mesmerizing vocals providing a calm and consistent drift throughout, sets the band well apart from contemporaries.  Held Above is Hollow Sunshine’s first full-length and most realized vision after several EP releases. The album’s nine tracks were recorded by the band—vocalist Morgan Enos and guitarist / songwriter Reuben Sawyer—and mastered by James Plotkin, aiming for a soothing “lo” fidelity with clarity preserved. An artist renowned for his work via Rainbath Visual, Sawyer also conceived the stark imagery for the cover, which is screen-printed on colored paper by Broken Press. Initial press of 700 copies; includes a complimentary high-quality digital download.


  1. #1 Lost of Phrases
  2. #2 Here for Now
  3. #3 New Light
  4. #4 Held Above
  5. #5 Old Light
  6. #6 Indifference
  7. #7 Safe Below
  8. #8 Want of Denial
  9. #9 Folded to You
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