Sir Stephen House Of Regalia


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Label # SILK 032UPC 655035024219
Street DateOctober 30th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035024219
Street DateOctober 30th, 2012

N’awlins dah’lin Sir Stephen knows why the Cajun bird sings. The time-trippin’, style-hoppin’ virtual reality fantasy zone that is House of Regalia delivers eight flava profiles to drop on yr tongue, from the Brand New Heavies-inspired “One x One” (featuring N’Dea-diva vocals by Fleur de Lis) to the Cooltempo / rare groove take on New Order of “Dance for Life,” to the Underworld-weary born-and-raised slippy ripper “Get Wet.”  House of Regalia is a lux-layer cake of sister-soul mantras (“I’ll be pushin’ on!”), acid jazz latte lounge breaks, jackin’-the-Black Box piano house holds, thrown shades, fashion plates and dizzy dancefloor dee-lites. This is music for dancers, pure ’n’ sample.


  1. #1 House Of Regalia
  2. #2 One x One (feat. Fleur De Lis)
  3. #3 Flavored Beats
  4. #4 Dance For Life
  5. #5 Hypercolor Emulsion
  6. #6 Turbo
  7. #7 Get Wet
  8. #8 The Acid Factor
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