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Pestilence And Peril

Howling Wind

Pestilence And Peril

Profound Lore
CD $13.00

10/30/2007 880270212125 

PFL 029 CD 

MP3 $0.00



***The new black metal venture of UNEARTHLY TRANCE (Relapse) and THRALLDOM mastermind RYAN LYPYNSKY (aka KILLUSION), one of the most accomplished extreme music musicians in North America. While still maintaining the vibe of Thralldom, HOWLING WIND sees Lipynsky’s black metal pedigree lurking within more extreme and oppressive waters. Inheriting some of the experimentation found on the last Thralldom release, Pestilence And Peril is a very raw, primitive and polarizing black metal opus that will go down as one of the year’s shining treasures. (STREET DATE - 10/30/2007)

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