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One Nation
LP $17.25


008 HIT 

***"What do we actually know about HYPE WILLIAMS? An obscure, lo-fi form of dub-inflected half-pop as much akin to the post-industrial funk of 23 Skidoo and early Cabaret Voltaire as the scratchy psych of The Skaters et al. Music which fascinates largely because of its refusal to commit"—The Wire. You have heard One Nation before. You remember hearing "Businessline" in the waiting room at your trustee-in-bankruptcy's office during the OPEC oil crisis. "Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior" was playing on your boombox when you finally lost your virginity at the age of 25. you first heard "Warlord" at a K-Hole afterparty somewhere in Bavaria. Or was it Detroit? "Ital" was the music you heard during your private audience with Emperor Selassie. Or was Ghaddafi? "Unfaithful" is the sound of your children's memories of suburban decay. One Nation is the sound that desaturated blue/grey/pink carpets and venetian blinds and ceiling tiles with tiny holes and the linering smell of perfume and nicotine make when you dream about the world you used to live in. One Nation has been mastered at the legendary Dubplates & Mastering in Germany, and has been imprinted onto 180-gram all white vinyl, with hand numbering. Very limited release of 1,000 copies.

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