Eat Skull III


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Label # WOODSIST 065UPC 655035036519
Street DateFebruary 19th, 2013
Label # UPC 655035036519
Street DateFebruary 19th, 2013

While you were out kicking an empty Sparks cup around SXSW, world class musical talents Eat Skull were busy creating their third opus, entitled III, on a fever train between states, cities, community colleges and jails. Nearly four days or four years in the making (depending on who you ask), III is a more psychedelic and perfectly circular outing then their previous classics of paranoid ecstasy Wild and Inside and Sick to Death.  Somewhere in between the subatomic joy of Primal Scream’s “Keep Your Dreams” and the desperate loneliness of Same Place the Fly Got Smashed-era Guided By Voices lies the weird and wonderful world of III. Throw a dash of Iron Maiden’s Wasted Years in the cauldron, stir and dip a cigarette in it to smoke. This is music to drink to, die to, fall in love to and quit your job to. Drive to Alaska. Fuck it.  “Eat Skull remains the scuzziest of all [contemporary noise-pop bands, and] one of the most intriguing acts operating in this style…. [T]hey’re more capable of using noise as a tool, another instrument, rather than relying on it as the sole foundation for their material... [and] strike a fine balance between 1960s garage-rock and the sugariness of early Flying Nun acts the Clean and the Chills, adding a uniquely crusty, folksier quality that lends the songs distinctiveness…. Eat Skull daringly ventures into a stretch of haunted Americana here and manages to pull it off; they wind up sounding like a spookier version of fellow lo-fi crusties Woods.” —Pitchfork  “Portland’s Eat Skull straddles the noise / pop divide with more abandon than most other musicians currently spewing jams into tape recorders. But it’s probably misleading to presume this balance as calculated: it seems that neither we nor they know which way their mutant pop is going to fall—maybe jangly, maybe totally putrid punk… there’s also a strange, muffled grandeur to their pop.” —Tiny Mix Tapes



  1. #1 Space Academy
  2. #2 Dead Horses
  3. #3 How Do I Know When To Say Goodnite?
  4. #4 Your Hate
  5. #5 Stupid Moon
  6. #6 Twin Sikk Moons
  7. #7 They Burned You
  8. #8 Summer Inside
  9. #9 Amnesty Box
  10. #10 Catch Em Before They Vanish
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