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no cover

Mobb Deep

Infamous Archives

CD $17.25

03/13/2007 10997070127 

SC 701 CD 

A thirty-track, double disc walk through the MOBB DEEP vaults. With rare exception these cuts have not been heard by Mobb Deep fans. The cuts on Infamous Archives go back to the group’s mid-to-late-‘90s hardcore heyday. Start to finish this release is illustrative of Mobb Deep’s dark, dynamic, grimy sound with haunting melodies courtesy of HAVOC’s production, that to many represented “street” in a way not done by anyone ever before. Additionally, Prodigy’s penchant for starting off a verse with an attention grabbing line, writing raw rhymes based heavily on the Queensbridge slang they call the dunn language, and a distinct, hen-rock induced delivery appeals to the core fan’s lyrical sensibilities. The double disc boasts collaborations with 50 CENT, SNOOP DOGG, BUSTA RHYMES, CORMEGA, TRAGEDY KHADAFI, ONYX, INFAMOUS MOB, BIG NOYD, ALCHEMIST, and others.

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