Grass Widow Internal Logic


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Label # HLR 003 CDUPC 655035067322
Street DateOctober 23rd, 2012
Label # HLR 003UPC 655035067315
Street DateMay 29th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035067315
Street DateMay 29th, 2012

NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! GRASS WIDOW—HANNAH LEW, RAVEN MAHON, and LILLIAN MARING—write their hypnotic, layered melodies collaboratively. Their haunting songs, rich in metaphor and couched in reference and allusion, are mined from the personal narratives of each member. Vocal duties, shared equally all around, complete the overall sensibility. Grass Widow has no front-person, and offers a musical experience not based on celebrity or spectacle. In line with these principles, they have maintained their objective of playing age- and gender-inclusive shows since their formation. Grass Widow formed in 2007; their first release was a self-titled LP on San Francisco’s Make a Mess Records in 2009, followed by a 12-inch EP on Captured Tracks and their second full-length, Past Time, which came out in 2010 on Kill Rock Stars. The band has toured Europe and China, and recently started their own record label, HLR. The ready-steady build for Grass Widow is representative of their music and overall band aesthetic, and it reaches a new high point with the release of Internal Logic, their third album. 


“The San Fran phenom Grass Widow inspires as its pastoral harmonies float effortlessly over trellises of spindly guitars.”  —The New Yorker


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  1. #1 Goldilocks Zone
  2. #2 Hang Around
  3. #3 Milo Minute
  4. #4 Under the Atmosphere
  5. #5 Disappearing Industries
  6. #6 A Light in the Static
  7. #7 Spock on MUNI
  8. #8 Advice
  9. #9 Cover You
  10. #10 Whistling in the Dark
  11. #11 Response to Photographs
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