Yeti Issue # 10


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Yeti returns with another packed issue. Inside the book you get 36 pages from internet monsters EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE!; interviews with musician ROBERT SCOTT (THE CLEAN, THE BATS) and writer AMELIA GRAY; music profiles of S. Fla's finest, THE JACUZZI BOYS, and UK '90s cult band DISCO INFERNO; fiction by STACEY LEVINE; photographs by TED BARRON and GRACIE REMINGTON; art by SAUL CHERNICK, PAVEL TCHELITCHEW, CASSIE RAMONE, and ILYAS AHMED. Bonus CD includes music from NOVELLER, O PAON, ALKBAR GIGNOR, THE WEEDS, ELECTRIC BLOOD, THE CLEAN, THE BATS, ROBERT SCOTT, JOUSTING VANDALS, JOAN + ANTHONY, HEAVENLY DREAMERS, JACUZZI BOYS, DANIEL KROHA, THE GORIES, GOLDEN HOURS, BABIES, STARVING WEIRDOS, and more.