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Barbecue Bob In Fishtown
LP $16.35

09/08/2009 789856305612 

SAAH 056 

CD $13.50

09/08/2009 789856305629 

SAAH 056 CD 

***Guitarist /composer GLENN JONES claims a lengthy and rich relationship to what his longtime friend John Fahey so famously dubbed “American Primitive Guitar”. Aside from being seduced by punk in its latter-’70s heyday and brandishing the electric for a large portion of his career (including 20 years as a founding member of post-rock instrumentalists CUL DE SAC), it was the acoustic steel-string and the seemingly multi-directional genres born from Fahey’s homespun Takoma imprint that informed much of Jones’ early musical vision. He’s also an accomplished writer and producer, penning notes for many of Fahey’s reissues as well as his final posthumous album Red Cross; it was from Jones’ personal archive that the Robbie Basho live concert album Bonn 1st Supreme he produced for Bo’ Weavil Recordings was exhumed. In short, he’s an authority on the subject, both as a player and scholar, and with two gorgeous, critically-acclaimed solo albums under his belt, Jones is widely and justly recognized as one of the major voices of the international wave of acoustic steel string players that seemingly crested in the wake of Fahey’s death. Barbecue Bob in Fishtown is Jones’ latest, a disarmingly elegiac foray into wider and deeper streams of ever-chiming steel string.