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Rock ‘n’ Roll Rorschach


Rock ‘n’ Roll Rorschach

Sophomore Lounge
LP $14.75


SL 053 

***Orbiting around the songwriter duo of ZACHARY DEVEREUX FAIRBROTHER and EMILY ROBB (with SHEER AGONY’s CHRISTIAN SIMMONS on skins, imported from Montreal), LANTERN rises in the form of neon fumes from Philadelphia side-street sewer lids, to inspire, to perspire, to pummel forward. The Fairbrother-and-Robb team spawned their relentless dark force on labels like Bathetic and Night-People, twisting, perverting, and penetrating open ears with the scent of rotten, sultry soul, fanged fuzz and wah, boogie-downers, jungle night-moves, exercises in exorcism, black leather, and sex. With the help of fellow Philly engineering magick-maker, JEFF ZEIGLER (Purling Hiss, Kurt Vile, Clockcleaner), Rock 'n' Roll Rorschach marks a shift from the blown-out hiss of lo-fidelity, four-track home recordings toward a more balanced and discernable breed of raw, unflinching power. Lantern melts genres together, rockabullying weirdo blues into a frenzy of fuzzed-up soloing and glammed-down dance beats, ultimately resulting in a mound of grooves garnering moves from the '80s and '90s garage-rock rattles of Dead Moon, Gibson Bros, and Billy Childish to the '60s and '70s pre-punk lore of Hasil Adkins, Flaming Groovies, or even The Velvet Underground. Edition of 500 copies.