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FDR 027 

***Philadelphia's LEATHER are wasting no time in whetting the appetite of their ravenous fanbase by releasing one of the most anticipated punk records of the year. Hot on the heels of their Sterile 7-inch, their latest four-songer, Wretch, is a testament to their unpredictability. While both sides start out with pounding, ferocious hardcore clang, the second track on each side marks exciting detours for the band. The A-side's "Idolator" puts singer ALEX AGRAN’s vocals front and center while the band careens behind him like the bastard children of Poison Idea and SST-era Soundgarden. The B-side's "Moyamensing Killers," on the other hand, is their current set closer and shortest track to date, topping out at barely over one minute of sharp guitar noise and an infectious vocal chant. After a couple spins of this record, anything you play after will sound as limp as a Big Mac left on the dashboard of a Toyota Tercel.