Novak, Jeffrey Lemon Kid


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Between his main band CHEAP TIME’s relentless touring schedule & recording, JEFFREY NOVAK has managed to produce his solo effort for Trouble In Mind. Gone are his blown-out, trashy Reatards/Oblivians/Persuaders worship, replaced with a sincere understanding of the maudlin melodies & pop music from the early ‘70s inspired by the likes of Ray Davies, John Cale, Brian Eno and the pervy balladry of Kevin Ayers. Lemon Kid is undoubtedly his most focused solo work to date, distilling all that came before into one succinct and engaging listen. Guitars squeal and synths unravel from song to song, with Novak pushing the envelope of what in takes to create music in a pop setting, teasing sonic boundaries while retaining what makes a song great—the hooks.