Toy Love Live At The Gluepot 1980


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Label # 91 GONE LPUPC 600385229814
Street DateNovember 27th, 2012
Label # 91 GONE CDUPC 600385229821
Street DateNovember 27th, 2012
Label # UPC 600385229821
Street DateNovember 27th, 2012

Toy Love’s music was in a constant state of formation and reformation throughout the band’s existence—songs would warp and twist with every playing. So, for all its undeniable power, it appeared unstable, almost fragile, threatening to burst out of its own skin, shards and globs all over the place. Every gig was like another attempt to make this strange creature hold together and live. At times, it would only take off at a few unpredictable points, at others it would lift off immediately and roar through the air, an astonishingly compelling and unlikely flying thing full of dark folds and flashes of light. The best stuff was transcendent, and the near-failures were so often funny or had the buzzy pathos of a crash site, one couldn’t look away. This double-album captures the legendary band in September 1980 at The Gluepot in Ponsonby, Auckland—one of their final live performances. The recording was transferred and prepared for vinyl mastering by Steve McGough at Stebbings from a desk tape recorded by the band’s soundman Doug Hood.


  1. #1 Fifteen
  2. #2 Unscrewed Up
  3. #3 Amputee Song
  4. #4 Toy Love Song
  5. #5 I Wanna Die With You
  6. #6 Don't Catch Fire
  7. #7 Photographs of Naked Ladies
  8. #8 Lust
  9. #9 Second to Last Song Toy Love Ever Wrote
  10. #10 Sheep
  11. #11 Swimming Pool
  12. #12 Fast Ostrich
  13. #13 Good Old Joe
  14. #14 I'm in Love
  15. #15 Green Walls
  16. #16 Horror Comic
  17. #17 Rebel
  18. #18 Cold Meat
  19. #19 Don't Ask Me
  20. #20 Squeeze
  21. #21 I Don't Mind
  22. #22 The Crunch
  23. #23 Death Rehearsal
  24. #24 Bride of Frankenstein
  25. #25 Pull Down the Shades
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