Beirut Lon Gisland


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Label # BING 052UPC 600197005224
Street DateJanuary 30th, 2007
Label # UPC 600197005224
Street DateJanuary 30th, 2007

The sleeper hit of 2006, Beirut's Gulag Orkestar came out of nowhere to sell tens of thousands of copies in a matter of months and wound up on countless critics' year-end lists. As a stopgap before recording a new full-length in Fall 2007 -- and as a way to capture some current songs being performed at shows -- the eight-member band checked into Sea Side Studios in Brooklyn to record Lon Gisland.   These are the first studio recordings made by the entire group, and a sampling of the most recent songs by orkestar leader Zach Condon. Lon Gisland features four new tunes and a full band reworking of Gulag's "Scenic World." The five-song EP was initially released with the European edition of Gulag Orkestar (4AD) and as a limited edition, one-sided vinyl 12-inch by Chouette. The Ba Da Bing edition is in a highly collectible digipak format.  


  1. #1 Elephant Gun
  2. #2 My Family's Role in the World Revolution
  3. #3 Scenic World (Version)
  4. #4 The Long Island Sound
  5. #5 Carousels
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