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no cover

Mittens On Strings

Look Up The Sky!!

Emperor Jones
CD $12.00

09/19/2006 697410277421 

EJ 74 

Mittens on Strings originally hails from Kentuckiana, the oft-overlooked borderland between Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. In days of doldrum, of which there are many in those parts, people find ways to make the hours go by. Dreams of dinosaurs, hearts pumping syrup, and aliens alleviating heartbreak through abduction permeate the minds of residents and the songs of Mittens on Strings. Their debut album is the culmination of years of self-released anonymity, and is funny, sad, reflective, anthemic, and whatever other raw mantras are missing from the listener's life. It's as simple as a back porch sing-along and as complex as an abattoir on fire.

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