Kid 606 Lost In The Game (Remixes)


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Label # UPC 751937519683
Street DateDecember 10th, 2012

This EP is the uptempo silver lining to the dark cloud of Kid606's "Lost in the game" album. These remixes keep the somber and pensive melodies but ditch the downtempo 808 beats in favor of some superfun double time Jungle/Drum & Bass bizness. Stellar remixes of "Godspeed you African American emperor" and "Baroque and out of money" come from good friends LESSER and Kingbastard (Not to imply that the other remixers who missed the deadlines or turned in bad remixes aren't good wait, that's exactly what we are implying!). As a bonus we have included Kid606's BlissCrunk remix of Magic Panda's "Tokyo", and live recordings of "Left hand pathfinder" and "Step into the light you fucking idiot!" which finish things off in fine style.


  1. #1 Godspeed you African American emperor (Kingbastard Remix)
  2. #2 Gimme summer (Beachside Drum & Bass Remix)
  3. #3 New boss same as old boss (NattyVespa Retro Junglist Remix)
  4. #4 I need to start a cult (NattyVespa VIP Roller Remix)
  5. #5 Baroque and out of money (Investment Remix by Lesser)
  6. #6 Tokyo (Kid606's BlissCrunk Mix) [Remix of Magic Panda]
  7. #7 Left hand pathfinder (Live Version)
  8. #8 Step into the light you fucking idiot! (Live Version)
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