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If You Were Fruit

***THE LOVELY EGGS are DAVID & HOLLY. The pair started playing music together in Paris when they discovered a pigeon had laid two lovely egg in an abandoned nest on Holly’s windowsill. When the eggs finally hatched, Holly and David traveled to live above a jewelry shop in Lancaster in the North West of England, where they formed their new band The Lovely Eggs! David plays a uniquedrumcycle with handlebars on the front so he can drum and bike at the same time. He also plays the bicycle bell and squeaky horn, the glockenspiel, ukelele and slightly wonky recorders. Holly sings and plays the guitar. And sometimes she hits a drum with a wooden stick with wool tied around the end. The Lovely eggs released their fourteen-track debut album If You Were Fruit on Cherryade Records in the UK in June 2009 and wowed fans on a recent tour of the UK, including a number of one off unusual performances in charity shops, on beaches and in a fan's garage! Now it gets a domestic release on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, featuring new artwork from Oakland artist JON CARLIN and an additional five bonus tracks from the band's first two UK EPs.