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Sydney Darbs
7" $11.25


NGL 012 

***“Debut 7" from Sydney's LOW LIFE, following a self titled cassette tape that manged to joins the dots from No Trend to Box of Fish, and turn the heads of several punters. Bassist FINN PARKER was living in Brisbane at the time of release, bringing an armful of tapes with him, and indicated a 7" was to follow. Shortly after he returned to Sydney I said I'd do the seven if they met with the stipulation that it be titled Sydney Darbs (a reference to chicken fried suburbia), the band agreed, and a record was born. Here Low Life take on a more direct approach to punk than the cassette's brooding, bad vibes, recalling the early Aberrant bands and other antipodean purveyors of distress & distaste. You might even hear traces of Cosmic Psychos, if filtered through the brainplay of the Missing Foundation. Great lyrics by MITCH TOLMAN punctuate the tunes with a sense of personality missing in many of their contemporaries. Artwork by SEAN BAILEY (Lakes, Tax) and mastered for vinyl by STEVEN SMITH.” Australian import.