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Frayed Knots
LP $19.75

01/25/2019 769791971134 

TW 1034 LP 

***A first-time on vinyl reissue of the third and final album from TOM LEONARD (MAJOR STARS, ex-ST JOHNNY) as LUXURIOUS BAGS. While retaining much of the lo-fi noisiness of his earlier work, Frayed Knots had a wider range of influences shining through. Much of Frayed Knots had a strong melodic basis, showing echoes of Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine, while the final 10+ minute cut dissolves into Terry Riley-esque soundscapes. So satisfied was Tom with Frayed Knots that he called time on Luxurious Bags upon the album's release in 1995, becoming perhaps the only one-man band to ever break up with itself. He then joined Major Stars, where he remains to this day. Frayed Knots earned glowing reviews in the 'zines of the day, and legions of fans have long waited in vain for a follow-up. Many have also waited for a vinyl issue of the album (this being the mid-90s, Frayed Knots had come out only on CD). Twisted Village therefore present the first vinyl version of Frayed Knots, a mere 23 years after its first release. Housed in a full-size version of the original artwork is a glorious black vinyl slab, from which these timeless melodies will ooze out of your speakers with more mystery than ever. Right freaking on.