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CD $13.00

02/16/2010 730003417924 

LCD 79 

English composer Charlie Alex March excels in the use of lush strings and delicate vocals. Conjuring images of a soft collision between Aphex Twin and Nick Drake, or perhaps a hybrid of Steve Reich and Syd Barrett scoring a Tim Burton movie, March's music has a lingering, delicate beauty that lasts long after the final note rings out. After two acclaimed EPs--one of which led David Bowie to comment, "It's a beautiful glockenspiel- and string-led instrumental that gently comes and goes in under three minutes"--March presents his most compelling work to date.  
Home / Hidden, his debut full-length album, is a wonderfully melodic and satisfying affair, gloriously English in a non-sniffy manner, like tea and crumpets or a stroll on an autumn day. Remarkably focused and mature, its eclectic mixture of real strings, treated piano, and all manner of electronic keyboards create a surprisingly coherent and comfortable musical vision. 
Home / Hidden continues March's association with Sean O'Hagan and Dominic Murcott of The High Llamas (who contribute string arrangements and vibraphone, respectively) and also features the talents of Andy Ramsay (of Stereolab) on drums, Jo Apps on vocals, and Gabriel (of Metronomy) on bass guitar. 
"Like Aphex Twin having lunch with Vaughn Williams, or Delia Derbyshire out for a trot with Michael Nyman." 

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