Galbraith, Alastair Mass


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Label # SB 136UPC 655030113611
Street DateAugust 3rd, 2010
Label # UPC 655030113611
Street DateJuly 6th, 2010



That Alastair Galbraith should return to the Siltbreeze fold (responsible for his debut LP, Morse, in 1993) for his latest release seems practically tailor-made. But while Morse followed traditional avenues of rugged folk narrative tinged with psychedelic foxing, Mass is an unchartered, one-way trip through a world of ritual.
Consisting of 22 tracks, this new album runs the gamut from mysterious beauty to just plain mysterious. Broken guitars, percussive loops, backwards tracking, a (homemade) glass harmonium, lullabies, bagpipe thievery and the odd bit of fighting talk are just some of the many bricks laid here, with Galbraith himself as the mortar and Amiel Balester, Michael Kohler and David Kilgour providing assistance here and there. Mass is an expansive whopper prepared to go anywhere and do anything to get there.


  1. #1 Concentrate with Amiel Balester
  2. #2 Mongolian Rhapsody
  3. #3 Trees
  4. #4 Richard Pearse Flying Down the Opihi River in 1903
  5. #5 Poem for Moondog
  6. #6 Trees of Albert Park
  7. #7 Prime Numbers
  8. #8 Bridge of Burning Bubblegum
  9. #9 Tin Town
  10. #10 Kyrie Eleison
  11. #11 Stolen and Broken
  12. #12 Money Is So Sad
  13. #13 Like the Bitter Rind of a Cucumber
  14. #14 Bird in a Glass Forest
  15. #15 Kakistocracy
  16. #16 Ships Bells Otago Museum
  17. #17 Ford K with David Kilgour
  18. #18 Happy Summer
  19. #19 Newborn
  20. #20 Drawing Space Underwater with Michael Kohler
  21. #21 Mansfield Story
  22. #22 Local Sleep Temple
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