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Mateo Y Trasante
LP $22.65

04/28/2015 778578314712 

LION LP 147 

CD $15.50

05/18/2010 778578063429 

LION 634 CD 

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! As many of you who have followed along with us while we chart a course through the rich musical heritage of Uruguay know full well, a military dictatorship took control of the country in the early 1970’s, causing most well-known musicians to emigrate. The nation’s most influential musician, enfant terrible iconoclast EDUARDO MATEO, had no chance to do so. And yet it was during this dark period that Mateo reached his zenith as a composer and arranger—in case of this album, with a lot of help from world famous Afro-folk percussionist JORGE TRASANTE. On Mateo y Trasante (1976), Mateo’s second post-EL KINTO album, he goes further than ever before in his sonic explorations of different percussion variations and guitar techniques, evolving a more complex musical style. According to Mateo biographer Guilherme de Alencar Pinto, only around 343 copies of the album were sold; yet this record is now considered a legitimate work of art, and indisputable evidence of Mateo’s genius. This Lion Productions edition comes with a 32-page booklet which contains abundant information on the making of the album, as told by Jorge Trasante, lyrics in English and in the original Spanish, historical background on the Uruguayan scene, a score of incredible photos, and a brief overview of the legendary Sondor label. Includes a four-panel insert.

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