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Mundo Fatal
LP $19.95

07/01/2014 8435015515058 

LC 026 

CD $13.75

07/01/2014 8435015515041 

LC 026 CD 

***A pop explosion in which rhythm, melody and noise collide in a whirl searching for the perfect song. After ELI MOLINA’s and the incorporation of the former SURFING SIRLES GUILLEM CABALLERO on keyboards, ME AND THE BEES have adjusted the balance and redefined the itinerary. Their new sound perfectly combines the accessibility of their always catchy melodies (and those harmonies that elevate every chorus) with the complex and even shrill twists of CARLOS LEOZ’s guitar, now more prominent, and the acid keyboards of Caballero, who collaborates on vocals too. No Export to UK or Europe.

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