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Drums Like Machine Guns / Mincemeat Or Tenspeed

Mincemeat Or Tenspeed / Drums Like Machine Guns

LP $14.00


BM 009 

“This one nearly eluded me. My first two listens left me wondering what I just heard. My thoughts were not ‘what the fuck was that?,’ but ‘I can't remember what that record sounded like.’ Rather than dismiss it and throw it into the pile of Must Exit the Apartment, I gave this another spin. Good thing, as the third turn clicked. One of the things that makes this record difficult is not much seems to happen other than a hell of a lot of noise gets thrown around. The sounds are so relentless that on first listen this seems much more like an attack than music. Step away from confronting these tunes and the record listens pretty damn good. MINCEMEAT OR TENSPEED at first come off as a smart ass take on Steven Reich. However, as the needle grooves through, Mincemeat builds on the riff, shatters some rhythms, and shifts into new hooks. This is loud minimalism and full of all kinds of great ideas. DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GIRLS owes more to early Industrial noise than minimalism, but it to attempts to do more with less. For the most part, Drums succeeds and builds some pretty tremendous sounds, stuff that reminds me of what Slicing Grandpa was doing before that duo started ringing Sci Fi future metal. A record worth a few listens especially if you are hip to the noisier stuff on Load, Not Not Fun, or Deathbombarc”—Scott Soriano (Zip Gun)

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