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Warm Pulse
12" $10.50


HIT 017 

***ASMA MAROOF and DANIEL PINEDA are the LA duo who make up NGUZUNGUZU. Pronounced en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo, their name rolls off the tongue as satisfyingly as their 3am sound vibrates through the body. Following last year’s ‘Timesup’ EP on Kingdom’s Fade To Mind label, ‘Warm Pulse’ marks the duo’s debut outing on Hippos In Tanks. The shadows of Philip Glass and The X-Files watch over the EP, resulting in a deadly combination of grace and paranoia. A pyromaniacal tension stalks its five tracks, threading together the uneasy themes swimming beneath its many shiny, fractured surfaces: violent attacks, overdoses, smoke-filled rooms and out-of-body experiences. Title track 'Warm Pulse' opens the EP, the calm before the storm or, rather, a choral summoning of the storm: the prayer for the chaos that follows. Sirens blaze through the rattling rhythms of 'Delirium.' Paranoia, exaggerated to Manga-like proportions at times, creeps throughout to hit full-on menace mode on 'Smoke Alarm.' As the final chimes of come-down closer 'No Longer' echo in the memory, one thought remains: ‘Warm Pulse’ is the sound of Nguzunguzu reaching for the kill. Artwork for 'Warm Pulse' by MILES MARTINEZ. Mastered by AL CARLSON. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. First edition of 1,000 copies.