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Woo / Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel / Woo

Woo / Nite Jewel

Drag City
7" $6.00


DC 542 

***The split single is a humble thing rarely transcending its temporal limitations. A great split draws connections, leverages fame, and creates a cohesive, singular experience. Drag City and Yoga Records proudly present such an experience courtesy of WOO & NITE JEWEL. The recording project of RAMONA GONZALEZ, Nite Jewel crashed the party a few years back with the now-classic “Good Evening,” and won legions of new fans with her recent second long player One Second Of Love. The Nite Jewel side is a moody mix of thick synth riffs and the Frippertonic-like guitar of COREY LEE GRANET. But this record has a mission—to spotlight a duo flying just under the radar for more than 30 years now: brothers CLIVE & MARK IVES of WOO. Working in a variety of instrumental forms, WOO features a pulsing sound as distinctive and additive as anything by Kraftwerk or ESG. Comparisons like that only sound like crazy talk if you’re unfamiliar with WOO, so check out the new reissue of their 1989 album It’s Cosy Inside. It’s not crazy talk.

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