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20,000 Leagues Under Nashville

Nudge Squidfish

20,000 Leagues Under Nashville

Columbus Discount
LP $13.50


CDR 057 

***During a self-imposed exile in Nashville around 1985 ,frequent Quota and former "Peter Laughner" of the True Believers, Nudge Squidfish sent cassette transmissions back to his friends Mike Rep & Tommy Jay in Harrisburg, OH. From hours of cassettes Rep compiled this collection of psychedelic pop songs, synthisizer experiments, harmonic convergences, and fragments of his rock'n roll past that rival Mayo Thompson or Brian Wilson in complexity, pop sensibility, and authentic absurdity. Think we're talking it up? Well, Hey!... this IS the gem that launched Rep's storied cassette label, Old Age(/No Age). Upon Squid's return to Columbus, he would link up with the late Jim Shepard to form the legendary V-3. Painstakingly mastered for vinyl by Mike Rep from the original cassette. Edition of 500 LPs. 100 on gold/black marble vinyl with high-gloss full color sleves and insert.