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Feral Harmonic

Old Canes

Feral Harmonic

Saddle Creek
LP $18.10

10/20/2009 648401014013 

LBJ 140 

CD $13.75

10/20/2009 648401014020 

LBJ 140 CD 

***Drum tracks laid to tape on a snowy winter day. Perhaps surprising to imagine, given the album’s warmth and unabashed exuberance, but that’s how the foundation was built for Feral Harmonic, the sophomore album from OLD CRANES. The music on Feral Harmonic is bold and loud. While folk music at heart, the presentation is far from traditional, with the songs drawing elements from different influences (such as indie and even punk rock), and the rule book of contemporary recording thrown out the window. All of life’s energies, contrasts and complements—strength and weakness, courage and fear, joy and despair—are in Feral Harmonic, a wild state of musical harmony and sounds as unfettered and irrepressible as the intent with which it was crafted. Beautifully packaged with a wrap-around ribbon tie.

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