Missing Monuments Painted White


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Label # DMR 045UPC 655035034515
Street DateJune 28th, 2011
Label # UPC 655035034515
Street DateJune 28th, 2011

Royal Pendletons, Persuaders, Bad Times, Exploding Hearts, King Louie One Man Band, Kajun SS, Loose Diamonds, Black Rose Band and likely a dozen more. King Louie Bankston’s impressive résumé has the tendency to make regular folk feel unproductive. Now, he adds Missing Monuments to the list. Painted White, the group’s debut full-length, is a testament to King Louie’s ability to master just about any style outside of rap. The album is clean, jangly, full of hooks and Bankston’s signature coarse melodies. Covering all the necessary bases, it’s got rock ’n’ roll jams, ballads, a noodley track showcasing guitarist Julian Fried’s guitar skills, and fan favorite “(It’s Like) XTC,” a song that sounds so much like The Raspberries one might wonder if it’s an obscure cover.  While many are familiar with the King Louie on stage and the King Louie that parties your town to smithereens after his set, Painted White shows King Louie as the hardest working and most talented songwriter around. Look for the group on tour with the legendary Paul Collins this summer.  JULY 2011 TOUR DATES W/ PAUL COLLINS 7/13 • Music Box, Mobile, AL 7/14 • Siberia, New Orleans, LA 7/15 • Ole Town, Jackson, MI 7/16 • Hi-Tone, Memphis, TN 7/18 • JJ’s Bohemia, Chattanooga, TN 7/19 • The Earl, Atlanta, GA


  1. #1 The Girl of the Nite
  2. #2 (It's Like) XTC
  3. #3 Victory Lap
  4. #4 Painted White
  5. #5 Black Rainbow
  6. #6 Bandaged Up
  7. #7 Nite Fall
  8. #8 Broken Hands
  9. #9 Hot Class
  10. #10 Dance All Nite
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