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Diet, Crime, And Delinquency

Personal And The Pizzas

Diet, Crime, And Delinquency

Oops Baby

***Jersey's favorite, PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS are back in full Ramones-style, fuzzed out glory on their upcoming seven-inch “Diet, Crime, and Delinquency” on Oops Baby Records. Sticking to their tried and true song-writing and production formula used on their previous LP “Raw Pie,” the Pizzas deliver three brand-new tracks titled “Diet, Crime, and Delinquency,” “Brain Damage” and “Bored out of my Brains.” The first two are hard rockin’ songs while “Bored out of my Brains” is a mid-tempo Ramones-style ballad about, well, boredom. It’s everything you wanted from the poster-boys of pizza punk. And as a bonus, Personal's intro provides a guide on how to become “the greatest friggen band in the world.” Too bad that title is already taken by Personal and the Pizzas. Obviously.