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Destination Ecstasy

Pink Playground

Destination Ecstasy

Mexican Summer
LP $16.35


MEX 085 

CD $11.00


MEX 085 CD 

***From Houston, TX comes PINK PLAYGROUND, a new band that makes videos instead of playing live, and runs in the tradition of shoegaze and ethereal sounds right back to the earliest Jesus and Mary Chain demos. Guitars, synths, otherworldly vocals and drum machines collude to the proto-noise pop moment of the mid '80s, and charges forth as if the band's members were born to play in that vein. Ear-splitting volume and spun sugar melodies fill the space with pink pollen blizard dynamics so thick and hazy you might need a dust mask to power through them, songs so sweet that they sting. Previous 7-inch on Zoo Music. CD edition of 500 copies.