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12" $17.75


FD 59 

"WILD PARADE presents Psychofiction, an EP that brings together five songs ready to leave us an auditory trail of dirt and gravity. With a very American sound, songs like 'Psychofiction,' summarize the project’s route: stoner resonant basses, mechanical riffs and triggered percussion that at times appropriate the disheveled grunge and the furious metal, finally being stamped by an anglo-saxon voice, rough and thirsty. Other songs like 'Suicide Politics' and 'Rip It Off' lead to a slight influence of thrash by its speed, but they are distinguished more by the frozen singings and the thrust of guitars towards the industrial seal that sound like authentic alarms, in a scene of desolation and discontent that gives to imagine harangues and revolts. The latest packages like 'Line Of Control,' ironically bring out the most uncontrolled moments of the engraving, easy to inspire a mosh in the masses, while the cover of Wipers, 'Land of The Lost,' represent what could be a march, a slow crusade with gigantic steps, a ton of steel that covers the ears and makes your brains vibrate. Loaded with rudeness, Psychofiction is simultaneously a rain of cement over the desert and a tattoo of hot ink, which bet on something heavier, especially for those who carry a spirit of slow-career, prolonged combat and skeptical recidivism." Edition of 300 copies Imported from Chile.

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