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Honky Tonk Medusa

Quinn, Donovan

Honky Tonk Medusa

Northern Spy
LP $17.50


NSLP 019 

CD $14.00

02/14/2012 722301231432 

NSCD 019 CD 

***Honky Tonk Medusa is DONOVAN QUINN’s first album that he’s both recorded and produced since the SKYGREEN LEOPARDS’ adventurous Life & Love in  Sparrow’s Meadow. Along with Quinn’s work on vocals, guitar and synth, the album also employs San Francisco musician’s JASON QUEVER (PAPERCUTS), MICHAEL TAPSCOTT (ODAWAS), along with his regular rhythm section of NICK MARCANTONIO and MICHAEL CARREIRA. Working in reverse order to many current acts, the sound of Honky Tonk Medusa is molded to each individual song; letting the lyrics and spirit of the song dictate the instrumentation and style with the lyrical narrative tying it all together. The story of the album is one of decaying American cities, Internet age entropy, and equal parts romance and loneliness. In addition to the music the album features artwork by San Francisco artist JOE ROBERTS and liner notes by ELISA AMBROGIO (Magik Markers, 200 Years) and BEN CHASNY (Six Organs of Admittance). (STREET DATE - 2/14/2012)