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Cave Of Spirits Forever


Cave Of Spirits Forever

CD $13.75


TLR 036 CD 

***A hot new real CD reissue of the CDR version that went instantly out of print last year. RACCOO-OO-OON are one of those bands that can somehow shift between seemingly divergent genres, while the whole time keeping a sound very much their own. The disc launches with a speed blasted, noise fueled, psych/punk rocker, slides into nearly grooving free-jazz territory, then into a gorgeous, buzzing/floating/tinkling bliss mantra, and that's just the first three tracks. Things continue unfolding from there, but the overall sound constantly slips back to the sort of mantric, damaged rock thud these guys are clearly fond of. A rather thrilling and quite great ride. Remastered by PETE SWANSON (YELLOW SWANS) for extra punch. Packaged in a full color offset printed tri-fold art paper cover, reproducing SHAWN REED’s original eyeball frying art. Limited edition of 1000 copies.