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CD $2.75


RTB 43 

***Everything's coming to an end with the swan song from Iowa City's RACCOO-OO-OON. Following up last years critically acclaimed Behold Secret Kingdom, the final album takes everything up a notch and shows a band taking their last breath and laying down the last bricks in their fairly short history. More reminiscent of the freeform punk madness of The Cave Of Spirits Forever (Time Lag) than the heavy outbursts from Behold Secret Kingdom, this album reeks of desperation and a feeling of going down with nothing to loose at all. A fucked upfuture-prog mayhem that is all over the place and at no known place at the same time. Minds are melting, new grounds are covered and things will never be the same. When the last track fades out and everything is over, the silence has never been so quiet. Genuinely uncomfortable, desperate and just beautiful, this album will surely be remembered as the most important recording that Racco-oo-oonever put to tape. One-time pressing of 1,000 copies in a full color Dual Plover-styled gatefold sleevse with the discs laying on black felt.

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