Uv Race Racism


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Label # ITR 236UPC 759718523614
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012
Label # ITR 236 CDUPC 759718523621
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012
Label # UPC 759718523621
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012

God is saying this to you: Racism is the third album by Australia’s most genius avant-tards The UV Race, dragging melodious pop songs through a devolved, malodorous glam-punk aesthetic. It continues the stylistic jump from their self-titled debut to sophomore full-length Homo, further exploring the possibilities of the first wave of punk, incorporating orchestral arrangements and gutter-glitter psych stomp, like if Vom tried to write their own Forever Changes; like if the Electric Eels backed up Bolan or if The Fall put out a record on Crass Records. There are tuneful lamentations of heartbreak and loss alongside very debased, toilet-humor punk licks; Lovecraftian psych-cult morbidity at one moment and rousing anti-anthems against self denial the next.

It has been an especially productive year for the band—they are about to launch their first feature-length film, Autonomy and Deliberation, and the soundtrack LP recorded for the film comes alongside Racism, a split 7-inch with Native Cats (on Ride the Snake), a split live LP with Eddy Current Suppression Ring (on Almost Ready, originally released on a limited run of cassettes back in 2008), and the Gypsy King single (from Racism, on HoZac). All this, plus the output of the numerous other Melbourne bands in which members of UV Race play—Asps, Dick Diver, East Link, Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation, Lower Plenty, School of Radiant Living, Soma Coma, Straightjacket Nation and Total Control—reveal a relentless commitment for the sake of the song.


  1. #1 Be Your Self
  2. #2 I'm A Pig
  3. #3 Life Park
  4. #4 Unknown Pleasures
  5. #5 Sophie Says
  6. #6 Raw Balls
  7. #7 Bad Egg
  8. #8 Gypsy King
  9. #9 Nuclear Family
  10. #10 Memenonome
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