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The Poisoner
LP $21.75

05/17/2019 8032622105629 

CRUZ 562 

***"New York City trad metallers SANHEDRIN avoid the dreaded sophomore slump on their new album The Poisoner by delivering a killer set of songs that not only will make you bang your head and raise your fist, they will also make you think. The band, which is comprised of former AMBER ASYLUM bassist/vocalist, ERICA STOLTZ, as well as BLACK ANVIL guitarist JEREMY SOSVILLE, along with drummer NATHAN HONOR, craft instantly memorable, and dynamic songs that will stick in your ears. Sonically, the components are all here: killer riffs and solos, impassioned and emotive vocals, inspired drumming, and the ability to think outside the box from time to time. But, their lyrics are what separates Sanhedrin from the pack. Stoltz’s lyrics focus on the destructive and chaotic side of human nature and how that affects our modern world. This gives the listener something to think about while they’re singing along or banging their head. (Trust me, the music will make you want to bang your head.) It’s a pleasant surprise from a subgenre that is usually concerned with less weighty subject matter. The album opens with the 7:31 'Meditation (All My Gods Are Gone),' which starts out with a gallop, but slows down for some quieter, more introspective parts before breaking out into a ripping solo and ending on an aggressive note. 'Wind On The Storm' and 'Blood From A Stone' are trad-metal bangers of the highest degree. The title track, which features violin courtesy of Stoltz’s former Amber Asylum bandmate KRIS FORCE, manages to merge atmospheric post-metal with classic metal to a create a magnificent hybrid. After that, it’s back to three more bangers with 'The Getaway,' 'For The Wicked,' and 'Saints And Sinners' before ending with the poignant 'In From The Outside.' The Poisoner is a winner from start to finish, easily making it one of the better classic metal albums this year. It establishes the band as a force to be reckoned with. Metal doesn’t get much better than this."—New Noise

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