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Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors


Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors

Comedy Minus One
LP $14.25


CMO 035 

***Dr. Action calls. He’s coming over in a heartbeat and wants to know if you have the sounds to wiggle his stethoscope. You didn’t, but now you do. Let’s call them SAVAK. That’s what they call themselves, and it would be rude to make up a different name for them. A six-piece rock unit elegant enough for entertaining, but sturdy enough for everyday use. From the hooky self-loathing of the Buzzcocks to early Funkadelic brain lint to the lithe guitar interplay of the Ventures and/or Television, these men stir up songs you can dance to. And think about. Or just think about dancing to. And don’t worry, SAVAK brings years of experience to the job. Collectively about 150 years, to be somewhat more specific. MICHAEL "JAWS" JAWORSKI and SOHRAB HABIBION sing and play guitar—at the same time! Sohrab learned that particular parlor trick in THE OBITS and EDSEL, Jaws cut his teeth in Seattle with THE COPS and VIRGIN ISLANDS. Holding the bass guitar, but never slapping or popping it, is fellow Obit GREG SIMPSON. Keyboardist JAMES CANTY's done time with TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS an THE MAKE-UP. Drummers BENJAMIN VAN DYKE (SILENT MAJORITY) .and MATT SCHULZ (HOLY FUCK) round it all out.