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LP $21.75


FAG 004 

Future Audio Graphics is pleased to release its latest collaborative project: Sculpture Gardens. For this release, ANNE GUTHRIE made field recordings in and around VIRGINIA OVERTON's art installation at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Using hydroponic and contact microphones, Guthrie captured sounds fro inside and outside of art objects: ponds filled with plant life aerated by windmills and steel tubing suspended by straps. These recordings were paired with sounds of the outdoor patio space on which most of the installation was positioned, including wind coming off the Hudson River, street sounds below and the more hermetic confines of the gallery spaces. The subsequent compositions delicately mix electronic treatments, French horn and synthesizer, furthering Guthrie's interest in everyday and non-musical sounds, as well as the natural acoustic phenomena of architectural space. FRANCOIS BONNET's commissioned essay, "Emanations," focuses on the found object in relation to the temporality of sound, revealing the impermanent and changing nature of both aesthetic modes. Packeaged in full-color gatefold jackets with printed innersleeves.

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