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Candle To Your Eyes
CD $13.75

08/03/2010 656605605920 

AKR 59 CD 

***“It’s one of the first days of spring here in Montreal. The sun feels warm, and new green is imminent. There’s a buzz all around on days like these. The winter was cold and long, but it makes the spring sweeter. SHAPES AND SIZES settled here three years ago. I say ‘settled’ because prior to their arrival here they kept a rigorous touring schedule. Touring with the National, Yeasayer, opening shows for the Silver Jews, Sufjan Stevens; too many shows to get into specifics. So when they arrived in Montreal, there was a feeling of resolution, maybe even hibernation. They carried out their daily chores: one sold books, another records, one studied music and perception while delivering groceries at night, and another never kept her eyes too far from the road. But all this while, the band was quietly tinkering. You see deep down, Shapes and Sizes never really settle. Each record starts where the previous left off, and forays into new territory. RADWAN GHAZI MOUMNEH (A Silver Mt. Zion, Tim Hecker) recorded the album at the Hotel 2 Tango, and it was mixed at the Pines by DAVID BRYANT (Growing, Set Fire to Flames).”—Asthmatic Kitty

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