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Dj Rupture Vs. Filastine

Shotgun Wedding Vol. 6

Violent Turd
CD $9.50



At long last DJ Rupture returns to the Shotgun Wedding mix series he kicked off, this time soundclashing world-class/no-class audio pirate, Filastine. Each contributes thirty minutes of whirled music, scattering booty by turns grimy and sublime. The curiously titled Secret Google Cheat Codes mix captures Rupture in full-on party bashment mode, mixing some of the hottest moments from his recent U.S. tour with legendary anarcho-punks The Ex. But wait, after Vybz and Timberlake and Angolan kuduro booty jams, is that Neko Case? Whatever it is, it all makes sense.  Rupture is the opposite of eclectism, a DJ so focused it hurts. Hot off his debut album on Soot Records, Filastine’s first solo DJ session blends mental Balkan brass in odd time signatures with dubstep, breakcore, a murky Romanian diva, and Turkic hiphop. The mix bumps with exclusive and vinyl-only Filastine remixes and riddims by international beatsmiths, laced with Filastine’s personal field recordings gathered from Budapest to Istanbul.  Why the fistfight? The region where brass orchestras swap sounds with Islamic troubadours and gypsy bands has recently seen the far-right pushing hard with concepts of ethnic purity and nationalism. In response, Filastine slams us with a conceptual counterpunch. Like his fan-winning stage performances blending future beats and live percussion, it’ll blow your mind wide open.  • Another fun and grimey outer-national DJ mix from the highly original and acclaimed Rupture Soot camp  • The perfectly timed companion to DJ Rupture & Filastine’s Quémalo 12-inch on Tigerbeat6 sublabel Shockout  • Joint West Coast tour March, 2007 with regional press support

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